Artwork Analysis by Christopher Rosewood

Christopher Rosewood 
International Confederation of Art Critics


Kaprichev’s inscrutable abstracts appear as poetic metaphors pondered by a sophisticated and re ective creative mind. Chromatic explorations emphasise the potential for intercommunication between distinct states of mind through con icting and unblended colours who are the nameless protagonists of a captivating pictorial journey into this artist’s deepest subconscious dimension.

Echoing Mark Rothko’s priceless masterpieces, Kaprichev’s evocative horizons can be freely interpreted by spectators, in their soft and geometric forms  oating on rich  elds of hues. Contrasting drops of pure paint slip onto other shades, creating a stimulating window into the consciousness of a multifaceted soul. Alexander’s artistic pathways convey an evolving journey imbued with emotional meanings that he articulated through a diverse range of methods and techniques that enclose elements ranging from symbolism to pure abstraction.

Analysing “Untitled”, an acrylic on paper executed in Kaprichev’s British period, speci cally between 2004 and 2005, the viewer can clearly perceive a sense of spirituality and mysticism radiating from the explosive pigmentations. On deeper re ection, the luminous and unique palette electri es the framework, in an enthralling gravitation of cool colours towards warmer chromatisms. Nevertheless, the verticality of the leaking down shades of yellow interrupts the horizontal parallel lines that assemble the background, establishing a balanced grid rich in symbolic appearances and cultural references.

Unexcelled Master of colour- eld painting Mark Rothko famously describes one’s alliance with colour: “If you are only moved by colour relationships, you are missing the point. I am interested in expressing the big emotions - tragedy, ecstasy, doom.” In this way Alexander Kaprichev imagined an absolute communion between himself and the viewer, who has to be moved, excited and amazed by an art form that goes beyond the boundaries of mere aesthetic beauty, tending to a higher substance.

Enduringly, Alexander’s radical and inventive style will survive as an eminent contributor in the contemporary art world.