Biography of Alexander Kaprichev

Alexander Kaprichev was born in Varna in 1945. He graduated at the Second High School of Varna and then at the Academy of Arts, Sofia,  he received a degree in Mural painting with prof. Georgi Bogdanov and prof. Mito Ganovski. After graduating the Academy, he started as a freelance artist in one of the studios of the former factory, “Vulkan”, turned into artists’ studios centre. During 1976 – 1978 he was elected Chair of Varna Society of Young Artists and in 1980 became Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artist. 

Between 1999 and 2006 he lived and worked in Great Britain joining the Independent Studios in Leicester and Birmingham. Then, in 2006 he returned to his home town of Varna with plans for new creative work and the intention to have a retrospective exhibition, which unfortunately, he could not see through due to his sudden death in 2008.

Alexander Kaprichev‘s art comprises fine art paintings and decorative-monumental works. He has left a considerable number of paintings, watercolours, drawings, etchings and projects for monumental art, murals, stained glass and tapestries. His style, if we are to define it, can be related to the lyrical abstraction and the abstract expressionism. Aleksander Kaprichev, however, drawing on the Bulgarian and world art traditions, which he has studied in depth, has created an individual and discernible style of his own.  


During his lifetime, his artwork was shown at:

  • Group exhibitions of Varna artists in Saragossa, Spain  in 1993;
  • One-man show at Varna City Gallery “Boris Georgiev” in 1996;
  • Print Biennale, Varna, 1997 and 1999;
  • Art Fair “Impression”, Plovdiv, 1997 and 1999;
  • Mall Galleries, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, London, 2000;
  • Annual exhibitions of Independent Studios in Great Britain in 2002,2003,2004 and 2005.


Some of his artwork is in possession of:

  • The National Gallery of Arts, Sofia;
  • The Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria;
  • Varna City Gallery and many others private collectors.


In recent years Alexander Kaprichev’s art was shown in several exhibitions: a retrospective exhibition of paintings, watercolours and drawings created in the years before 1999 was curated by Vanko Urumov at Varna City Art Gallery and shown between 1st July and 3rd August 2010. Later on, between 1st and 15th September 2010, a selection of his artwork from the same period was exhibited at Sredets Art Gallery of the Ministry of Culture, Sofia with curators Georgi Trifonov and Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva.

Kaprichev's watercolours created in England were shown for the first time at Gallery 8 from 1st until 30th April 2011.

In April 2013, Gallery 8 exhibited some of the artist’s graphic art, etchings and lithographs, some of which were shown to the public for the first time.

Between 26th November and 6th December 2013, the exhibition Colourful Contemplations at the Sofia Art Gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London featured paintings and watercolours created in England between 1999 and 2006. The curator was the Professor Chavdar Popov PhD.ww

In the show Inspiring Spaces, both paintings and watercolours were exhibited at the Academia Gallery, Sofia, in November 2014. Curators: Prof.Chavdar Popov PhD and Prof. Svilen Stefanov PhD.

At the London Art Biennale 2015, with 140 participating artists from 40 countries, Alexander Kaprichev’s work was awarded with a Special Mention for Excellence in painting. One of his paintings was the exbited in the museum exposition of the London Art Bienalle of 2017.

The Inspiring Spaces exhibition was again shown at Varna City Art Gallery, between 30th  July until 30th August 2015, then dedicated to 70 years of the artist's birth.

Alexander's works had also been selected and shown at the X Florence Biennale 2015.

In August 2016, Gallery 8 of Varna showed the exhibition Line and Colour, paintings and drawings. At the London Art Biennale,  2017 one of his paintings was exhibited in the museum collection. In September 2017, Autumnal Touches at {a} cube gallery, Sofia featured abstract watercolours, created in England between 1999 and 2006.

In January 2018, the 12 Star Gallery of the European Commission in London hosted the Art Collection of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including an emblematic painting of Alexander Kaprichev's. Between 26 May and 12 june 2018, the ROOM ART SPACE in Venice, part of ITSLIQUID, chose one of his paintings for their exhibition during the Biennale of Architecture. Later in September 2018, the Finesse Gallery, Sofia opened its new season with an exposition of his artworks including paintings, watercolours, etchings and lithographs. In October 2018, Varna City Art Gallery hosted the Autumnal Touches exhibition of watercolours from the artist's English period.

In July 2019, as part of the accompaning exhibitions of the II IWSpirit of Watercolour Triennial, 18 watercolours were shown to the Varna art lovers at the Tereza Zikovska Gallery. The Triennial exposition which featured an abstract watercolour by Alexander was shown in eight Bulgarian cities, including the capital, Sofia.